June 2015

This June has been a banner month; two graduations and a wedding all within two weeks. Being an observer to the achievements and celebrations of others is a pleasure – especially when the events mark your own children’s milestones. Watching my daughter walk up to receive her degree brought tears to my eyes. She worked very hard and deserved her degree.

Sitting in the large auditorium, I remembered the times she would surface after hours of researching and writing, from the basement office. Usually she would be wrapped up in an old sweater or hoodie or blanket to keep off the chill. Sometimes I’d hear a blue stream of invective from downstairs, which usually meant that the printer was refusing to cooperate or there was a glitch with the computer. Reflecting on those times, it was a very happy moment to see her walk across the stage – degree in hand.

Our oldest son also graduated this month; seeing him march before the audience, handsome and uniformed, was another emotional moment. For a brief second, he reminded me of my Dad, long gone, but alive, briefly, in my son. Justin has always carried himself and moved in a way that brought my Dad to mind. But there he stood, solemn, competent, and handsome – himself. It was hard not to break into tears. He had achieved his goal and it was such a joyous occasion to witness.

A wedding celebration, lunch, dinner, coffee and walking dates with friends – all events, large and small, for which I am grateful.

In addition, a grandchild to anticipate!

A happy June indeed.


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