Happy New Year

One thing that is clear to me, on this New Year’s Eve, is that I’m really not much of a blogger.  I lack whatever the compunction that motivates others to reveal, discuss, and share everyday details of their lives, current interests, and pursuits.  This reluctance to “share” is surely a factor of my age; I did not grow up in the digital world of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and I have a much more guarded notion of privacy than most younger people.  In addition, I have difficulty embracing the idea that any but close friends and relatives should play witness to my life.  In consequence, I only blog intermittently and largely when motivated by a current event or issue.  Still, there are many baby boomers and beyond who have taken to the blogosphere with aplomb.  I’m just not one of them.

Realistically then, I don’t think that I’ll take as one of my New Year’s resolutions, the clearly uncharacteristic commitment to blog more, but like a lot of others, I do have a list of resolutions.  I intend to read more, exercise more, eat well, take the vitamin D pills that I bought and stuck in the cupboard, and umpteen other, pretty pedestrian, intentions.  I resolve to pause to enjoy my life, as I’m fortunate in so very many ways.  Finally, I resolve to do less housework in the coming year –  I’m very confident that I can achieve that last resolution.  Happy New Year!