For me, there’s only one golden month of the year, and that’s July. Days spent on holiday in this seventh month have a languid feel and a lazy quality, but perversely the month goes by at alarming speed. It’s already half over.

This July I’m very fortunate to be off work and spending my time lakeside. This hiatus is wonderful. I’ve been enjoying the company of friends who I only infrequently get to see in person; as well, I can spend time with family – holiday time, which is outside real time – the latter framed as it is by work and routines, and the many stresses and tensions of life. But July encompasses casual get-togethers, playing games, long coffee chats after our walks, and leisurely swims together. Crokinole; Taboo; Euchre; Cribbage; Scrabble; why not?

I’m grateful for this interlude. This is time leavened by sunshine and relaxation. Sitting beside the lake and watching light play on the water is a quiet pleasure. Enjoying the company of friends and close family – those who know your back story and whose back story you know, and sharing time together, makes it special. It doesn’t last long enough, but it’s golden while it lasts.


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