Winter Weary

Despite high hopes and good intentions, my blog thus far has been relegated to an infrequent afterthought, but as it’s a new year, I can claim a new beginning and restart.  It’s certainly the time of year for thinking and longing forward- to spring and green shoots and warmer temperatures.  Winter in Western Canada is nothing if not over-long.  The sun is often deceptively bright and the sky a sharp blue, but the outside temperature a chilling disappointment.

Like many others, I’m languishing in that in-between place where I have nothing but impatience and despair about winter’s length, and spring seems too far in the future to provide a welcome mood boost.  Oh well, the poinsettia from Christmas is long discarded and forgotten, and I find pleasure and the promise of warmth in the brightly coloured tulips I keep buying, which always provide a visual treat to the winter weary.